Too much 'hot potato' selling

Just because a customer doesn't buy right away doesn't mean they aren't interested.

We expect people to buy and if they don’t, we may give them another chance—or even two. Then, we drop them—like a hot potato.

Just because some customers don’t buy shouldn’t be seen as a lack interest or that they’ve gone elsewhere.

·        They get sidetracked by something that needs attention.

·        They’re unsure, so they push the pause button.

·        They need to use the money for unexpected bills.

·        They are over budget at the moment.

·        They go on vacation or are traveling for business.

Savvy salespeople understand customer behavior. While others may write off unresponsive customers, they stay in contact with them. They send reminders, alternative suggestions, new ideas and incentives. These salespeople are patient and they are there when the customers are ready.

Judging too quickly will cost sales.

TAGS: Marketing
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