Five most important words customers can say

Those words customers say... they may not be what you expect.

They’re not the words you might expect, but they’re the words you long to hear. They tell you everything you need to know why customers decide to make a purchase. Here they are: “That makes sense to me.”

These five words are important because they express what the customer thinks and feels, perhaps unconsciously for some length of time. But now, they’ve finally connected. There’s certainty; they know it’s right -- and it’s usually accompanied with satisfaction and even excitement.

•                “That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! It makes sense to me.”

•               “I’ve thought that way for years. It makes sense to me.”

•               “You don’t need to sell me. I’m sold. It makes sense to me.”

•               “It’s over. I’m there. It makes sense to me.”

Takeaway: the major challenge facing marketers and salespeople is to make sense to customers.

TAGS: Management
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