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Rodeo Stronger grants top $80,000

Article-Rodeo Stronger grants top $80,000

Grants to feed and care for rodeo stock during COVID-19 event cancelations exceed $80,000.

Rodeo Stronger recently surpassed the $80,000 mark in emergency grants to rodeo livestock contractors for assistance with feed costs due to COVID-19 restrictions and cancellations.  

Rodeo Stronger is an initiative of the St. Paul Rodeo Foundation to help provide financial resources for the care of rodeo livestock during times of crisis. Stock Contractors Tim and Haley Bridwell of Bridwell Pro Rodeos commented on the importance of the initiative, “Thanks so Rodeo Stronger and the St. Paul Rodeo Foundation for their proactive measures in supplying assistance to stock contractors throughout this pandemic as we wait to regain stability in the rodeo industry. We are stronger together!”

The grants are made possible by donations from many sources including a $50,000 grant from Cargill, donations from St. Paul Rodeo Association and Foundation, Pendleton Roundup Association and Foundation, Wrangler, Wrangler Network and many others. The rodeo industry has truly come together to show how much they value the livestock that is such a big part of the sport.  

Rodeo Stronger, created in May 2020 has assisted 28 Stock Contracting firms with grant funding to help in providing the high quality feed that rodeo’s animal athletes require.  Stock contractors who own the bucking horses and bulls, steers and calves that compete in rodeo can apply for funds to help feed and house livestock or pay for medicines and veterinary care. A committee reviews the grants for eligibility and quickly sends funding to those who qualify.  For more information go to www.rodeostronger.com.


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